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Jul 8, 2019 | News

When you are going to a party, it is important that you wear something that you feel comfortable in, so you can focus on enjoying the party you are invited to. At the same time, however, you also need to dress respectfully in accordance with the dress code for the arrangement you are invited to.

If you do not go to a party every day or every weekend and you do not want to invest in clothes items that you will probably not use many times over the next couple of years, here are my suggestions for four clothes items you should consider investing in.

These clothes items will work for almost every party and you can use them over and over again and safe a lot of money in the end and also space in your wardrobe.

The four items I suggest for inspirational party outfits are:


– The little black dress:

The more simpel the black dress is, the more timeless it is and therefore much more easy to upgrade. Style tip: combine your little black dress with beautiful high heels, some jewels, a belt with imitation jewelry or a light scarf around your shoulders.


– The smoking

A smoking with not too many details is a timeless item you can use over and over again. Another advantage is that you can use the jacket and the trousers separately e.g. here:

Wear the jacket over a dress or a skirt and wear the trousers at another occassion with a beautiful blouse or a shirt.
If you want to use the jacket and the trousers at the same time, my style tip is to wear a feminine blouse underneath the jacket and high heels at the same time so the whole outfit does not look too masculine.
– Long skirt:
Use a long skirt in a basic colour (I suggest black, navy or dark grey. These colours never go out of style). Mix the long skirt with a beautiful top in a different colour than the skirt or use a top with the same colour as the skirt and put a beautiful belt around your waist to underline the two parts.
– The long dress:
Choose a long dress in a basic colour (here again I suggest black, navy or dark grey as a good investment) and with not too many details in order to keep the dress as timeless as possible. You can easily upgrade the dress with a beautiful belt with e.g. imitation jewelry, a light scarf, a clutch, jewelry and high heels.

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