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Party outfit ideas – what is the best put to wear to a party

Feb 21, 2019 | News

Back in the days, everyone would wait for occasions such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas parties to dress up. Then there were summer parties, BBQ parties, and of course summer beach parties. However, today we just need a party to dress up, drink and dance, but there might be a party that you are invited to, and you have no idea what to wear. In this article you can read more about what to wear on certain types of parties, may it be beach party, dinner party, themed party, and so on. Here you will get some ideas on what to look for when shopping for your next party outfit.


Different ideas on different types of parties


  • 90s themed party

If you look closely on 90s fashion trends online, they were all about big hoops, mommy pants, dungarees, plaid shirts, rock-band shirts, matching separates, round glasses, chokers, and not to forget the current trend of crop tops. If you are heading to a 90s themed party, this is what is usually expected of you. You can easily incorporate a combination of these, and you are sorted. Here is a photo that better explain the 90s fashion trend.





  • House party outfit

House party means that the party is moving indoors, maybe because of winter season, or it’s a huge house and you will most likely spend most of your time indoors, where there will be beer pong, charades, sticker stalker and other indoor party activities. Casual and comfortable clothes will be the best fit for this kind of party. From a maxi dress to distressed jeans, a shirt dress to leather pants, anything goes for this type of party. Use your favorite accessories or lipstick in order to look effortless. Here are a idea for house party outfit.



  • Masquerade party

If you are attending a masquerade party or a ball, while the former is a more relaxed event at an informal environment, a masquerade ball is quite a serious affair, so you need to know what it is going to be like. The next thing to take into account would be your mask, choose that first and you will know exactly where to go from there. Next thing is to choose a dress that complements your mask, meaning, it can either be the same colour or in a contrasting one, but overall makes the outfit. You could choose a corset or an A-line dress, pencil skirt with a formal top and so on. Make sure though that you wear heels, it makes the outfit more elegant and adds lift to your entire look instantly. Don’t put too many colours in your outfit, it can end up looking loud and gaudy.  Here is a picture so you get the idea on what to wear for masquerade party.

It can be ALL this                                                   or                        as simple as this:



  • Birthday parties

The easiest party to dress up to, the only thing you should probably remember is that it is not your Birthday party. So overdressing for this occasion is not ideal. A simple outfit that you wear on weekends might just do. Except of course if they tend to hold the party as a themed birthday party.


  • Cocktail party

If you have to follow the norms of a cocktail party, it is a formal setup, and so, you are expected to show up in dresses that are formal, yet celebratory. There is always a thin line between being stylish and sleazy, and a pretty slim one, so tread carefully. A-line dresses are your best bet, or anything long and defining is good too. Pantsuits, sleek trousers or palazzo sets are also okay if you can pull them off. Add stilettos, accessory that stands out yet is elegant to complement your outfit.



  • Pool party

There are couple of ways to approach this look, and also no right way to do it. Even if the party is by the pool and not in the pool, or you decide to stay dry and outside the wet zone, it is good to be dressed to match the party theme. Wear a floral one piece, fedora, shades, and platform heels or flats, or shorts with a cold-shoulder top, bohemian style maxi and so on. However, if the party is all about music, drinks, and the guests decide to take a deep dive, you need to be more functional. Choose a bikini or swimsuit of your choice that is both stylish and comfortable. Top it up with a pair of shorts, a strapless playsuit, a cover up dress.  The important thing is that you choose an outfit that quickly dries off. You might want to always carry an extra pair because you might never know when you get pushed.

 Pool Outfit #1                               Pool Outfit #2                           or Pool Outfit #3 be all IN like models

  • Bachelorette party

Bachelorette parties are one of the most easiest parties to dress up for because if you are invited, it means that you are in the innermost friends’ circle of the bride. Wear something fun, casual, yet decent without stealing the spot light from the bride to be. You can wear a lace dress, jumpsuit, or a satin dress as long as you go with the flow. Bachelorette parties will invariably have a lot of props, so show your best side, and get some great pictures to reminisce later.

A bachelorette party can really go from themed party to casual party like seen on the pictures below. However, it is better to ask in advance what kind of bachelorette party you are attending , so you can dress for the occasion.



  • Dinner party

Dinner parties are like a cocktail party or ceremonies, but it is expected that you are dressed in something elegant. This type of party can be hard to pick just the right outfit for, the safest would be a dress in plain colours such as black, white, grey, maroon, or anything in dark toned colours. Wearing something flashy during this party is not ideal, and wear accessories that are minimalistic or simple in design, yet elegant to look at.



  • Foam party

There is going to be a lot of foam and you are definitely going to get wet, so for obvious reasons you should wear something you don’t mind getting spoiled, outfits such as bikini, swimsuit, waterproof tanks paired with shorts. Keep your make-up minimal and most importantly waterproof.



  • Party in winter

Winters are gloomy, cold and dark, but that does not mean you have to stop partying or dressing up for them. Since it is all about layers, add definition to your outfit. Wear a woollen dress with stockings, cinch it at the waist with a broad belt, and put on a long jacket. A winter party outfit is all about the winter accessories such as a coat, a scarf and winter shoes. Use this cold season to your advantage of choosing the right accessories to complement your winter outfit. You are probably not going to party outdoors anyway due to the cold weather, so when you to take off your coat or jacket, make sure that your outfit won’t be missing a piece. Wear something that is comfortable, warm and elegant even when you do not have your coat on.




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