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Less is more…more or less

Mar 19, 2019 | News

I admit it: I love shopping and I used to have too much clothes in my closet.

Is it, however, possible to have less clothes items and still be possible to have several different outfits everyday?

I challenged myself and spend a day taking every clothes items that I possessed out of my closet and started to discard every item that was either worn out, did not fit me anymore, was outdated or I simply did not use, because I was not happy with the item at all.


If you do not know, which items to discard use this simple method:

Hang you clothes on hangers with the hook facing out.

Every time you take an item out and wear it, put it back on the hook and turn the hook facing in. After a month, count the hangers you have not turned.

This will give you an overview and might give you the courage to discard the items you do not use.

– I choose either upper body or lower body as the place where I want to use colour and choose a basic colour for the other body part (white, black, navy or brown)

(Insider tip: choose colour for upper body if you expect to sit down a lot and choose colour for the lower body if you expect to stand up a lot. This will make your outfit stand out).

Different texture, fabric and details will add something eye catching to your outfit and make it look interesting.



The next thing I did was to make a list of which items I need in order to have a well functioning wardrobe and put these items into season spring/summer and autumn/winter.






Jeans, trousers, shirt and/or blouse, dress, skirt, cardigan, blazer and/or leather jacket and accessories (I have a whole blog about that subject so I will not put much energy into accessories here).

I choose to put the clothes items into season: spring/summer and autumn/winter, and it would look like this:

Jeans: light blue (for spring/summer) and dark blue (for autumn/winter)

Trouser: white and light brown (for spring/summer) and dark blue and black (for autumn/winter)

Shirt/Blouse: my favourite colours in light colours (for spring/summer), and dark colours (for autumn/winter)

Dress: my favourite colours in light colours (for spring/summer), and dark colours (for autumn/winter)

Skirt: my favourite colours in light colours (for spring/summer), and dark colours (for autumn/winter)

Cardigan: white and light brown (for spring/summer), and dark green, dark purple and grey (for autumn/winter)

Blazer: white and light pink (for spring/summer) and dark blue, grey and black (for autumn/winter)

Leather jacket: black and brown(for spring/summer and for autumn/winter)

So this is what I have in my closet and it is actually quite easy to mix different outfits with the items mentioned above.

No outfit – start your personal journey here


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