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I see your true colour

Apr 3, 2019 | News

Do you like colours, too or would you like to use more colours in your daily outfits?

I love colours and I always have. Shopping for yellow trousers, green blouses, red shoes, purple bags etc is a thrill for me.

When I tried to mix all my favourite colours in one daily outfit however, I would feel that I looked like a clown and not feel good about going out of the house at all.

On the other side, I did not want to give up on colours in my daily outfit, because colours are a part of me and I do not mind standing a little bit out, as long as I do not look ridiculous.





– I either use the same colour for every item of my outfit, but with different shades of the chosen colour.

– I choose either upper body or lower body as the place where I want to use colour and choose a basic colour for the other body part (white, black, navy or brown)

(Insider tip: choose colour for upper body if you expect to sit down a lot and choose colour for the lower body if you expect to stand up a lot. This will make your outfit stand out).

Different texture, fabric and details will add something eye catching to your outfit and make it look interesting.

– I use colourful accessories (scarf, jewellery, belt, bag, shoes) or paint my fingernails to spice my outfit up with colours if the rest of my chosen outfit for the day is either white, black, navy or brown.

I hope this will give you some inspiration to stand out beautifully with colours.

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