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A coat for every season

Dec 19, 2019 | News

I more or less love every season of the year and how the weather influences my daily outfits.
I especially love the summer, where the sun shines all day (oh well, maybe not all day where I live….) and I do not have to wear a jacket or a coat, that hides my chosen outfit of the day (at least not as often, as during the rest of the season).
But, let us face it, different weather conditions and the four seasons come every year and with that comes the covering up of your daily outfit when it gets colder or it is raining.

So, due to change in weather, you cannot get away with possessing only one coat or one jacket for the whole year. And finding one single coat or one single jacket that can be worn for the daily work, going out at night, during the weekend and/or other leisure activities might also be difficult.

Therefore I suggest you invest in the following items that should get you covered the whole year through:
A winter coat or a winter jacket
A trench coat or a canvas jacket
A parka or a raincoat
A wool jacket or a wool coat
A denim jacket, a blazer or a leather jacket
Try to find jackets and coats with no or as little details as possible and in a basic colour (black, brown, white, navy) in order to make them as timeless as possible and thereby avoiding the purchase of a new jacket or a new coat too frequently.
If you want to stand a little bit out of the crowd with your jacket or coat, I suggest you invest in some accessories.
It is amazing what accessories with small details or a slightly different colour than your coat or your jacket does to a look. Accessories such as a hat, a scarf, sunglasses or beautiful gloves. And why not stick a here-I-come brooch on you coat or jacket to give the look a little bit of glamour or an edge? Oh, and let us not forget…..the handbag and the shoes that lifts your jacket or your coat to a new level!

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