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Going on a holiday

Jun 28, 2019 | Ikke-kategoriseret

Summer is here and perhaps you are on your way to a great holiday. But what clothes items should your bring along your journey?

Once you know your destination, what the weather forecast says for your planned destination and how long your stay will be, you can start planning what to pack for the holiday. Here are some tips for packing your suitcase.

Make a list of the clothes items you think you will need during your holiday and lay them out on the bed first. Try now and see, if you can mix the different clothes items into one, two or even more different outfits.

Once you are done with mixing a lot of outfits, try to take a few of the clothes items away again (chances are you probably won’t need them anyway and perhaps there are some new clothes items you want to purchase while you are away).

If you are away for only a couple of days, you can easily wear the same pair of jeans or other trousers during the day. (Fashion tip: Use the space in your suitcase for beautiful dresses you can wear in the evening. This will make you feel that you are wearing something new everyday).

If you are on a city-holiday you will probably walk a lot, so sneakers or flat shoes such as comfortable sandals, ballerinas or lace up shoes are better than high heels. You can bring one pair of high heels for the night.

If you go on a longer holiday and you want to pack as little as possible, find some clothes items in your wardrobe you can use multiple times and in different ways. Here are some clothes items that can give you some inspirations for different outfits:


Bathing suits can be used as a body for jeans or shorts. A bikini-top can be used as a bra.


A scarf can be used as a sarong on the beach, around your neck during the day and around your shoulders at night.


A short dress can be used as a tunic over a pair of jeans or leggings.


A cardigan can be used as a sweater or a soft jacket during the day or at night.


A shirt can be used over your swimwear during the day and for a pair of jeans or other trousers during the day or at night.


Jeans can be used during the day with a shirt and sneakers or lace up shoes and at night with a fancy top and sandals or ballerinas.

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