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Ways to combine colours and mix and match your outfit

Mapping colours to your outfit is as much science as it is an art. You can have all the money in the world and flaunt the most expensive outfit possible, but if you do not mix the colours in your outfit well, it is a lost cause. You either need to have an eye for...

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How to choose the best outfit according to your body type

Trends are changing fast, and it is not always easy to know, how to adapt them for our own unique and beautiful body type or shape. We believe that fashion is about feeling great in the looks we love and feeling great in who we are. You could follow hundreds of...

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Vacation outfits – easy outfits to pack for vacation

Packing for vacation can be kind of tricky, especially if you have waited until the last minute to get all your stuff together. But the best way to start is by planning out, or at least getting an idea of the outfits you’ll want to wear during your vacation.  ...

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How to choose the right outfit for your job interview

A job interview is your opportunity to make a great first impression on your potential employer. Dressing for success is a big part of the interview process. You all know the saying “dress to impress”, it is truly important that you dress well in an interview,...

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Hej verden!

Dette er dit første blogindlæg. Rediger eller slet det. Hvis du har nogle spørgsmål, kan du finde svaret ved at gå til:

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